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In June 2020, the Open Theatre filmed the "Tolya-Compass" series specifically for the Sheksy platform. more


Series is available on Sheksy app or PC here.

The crew of the series "Planet of Women":

Producer and Director - Edward Saszko
Executive Producer - Boris Kozlov
Operators - Alexey Stepashkin, Alexander Makarov
Sound Engineer - Kestutis Ruzgis
Director of the crew - Angelika Sechenene
Photographers - Alyona Brazhuk, Dmitry Timofeev, Alexander Makarov


Igor - Daniel Tuchkovsky
Evgenia Alexandrovna - Victoria Kisel
Platon - Edward Saszko
Sasha - Sandra Puchnina
Igor's friend - Sergey Severyanov
Police officer - Diana Barilovich
Manager Dmitry - Dmitry Galenkov
Police friend - Svetlana Baranauskene
Scumbag girl - Nina Alekseeva, Anastasia Gaidar
Colleagues: Teresa Shablinskaya, Violeta Shablinskaya, Alina Pashkevich
Students: Anastasia Gaidar, Angelica Sechenene, Olga Demeshko, Arina Byron, Renata Rasbachilo, Margarita Sasim, Olga Murakhtanova
A man in the forest - Boris Kozlov

Actors from the Open Theatre (Vilnius) and the “Gray Cardinal Theater” (Vilnius) took part in the filming. The film crew thanks Konstantin Ostapenko, Jan Shablinsky, Sergey Sechen, Vytautas "Ironvytas" Medinetskas for their help in organizing and conducting the filming.

Since 2019, the Open Theatre has been making a series for the Sheksy online platform, which is launched by producers and screenwriters of the movie company "Good Story Media" in 2020.

“Sheksy” are short series phone series. Each series is 2-4 minutes.

The first project is the series "Planet of Women".

2028 year. Wars, bad habits, attitude to one's health led to the fact that very few men remained in the world. At the same time, the feminist movement got out of hand. As a result, the world plunged into matriarchy.

Photos by Aliona Brazuk and Dmitrij Timofejev


Women planet. All parts.

Project details

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