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Daisies under the snow

Premiere - 2022-12-11
Performances - 2023-01-15

Vera and Mark are lost in time, missed each other on the Web and do not notice the clues of fate. Not only their personal happiness is at stake, but something much more...
On the eve of Christmas, specialists from the department of the Heavenly Chancellery come to their aid - a team of Guardians!

Playwright – Anzhelika Secheniene
Directors – Anzhelika Secheniene, Boris Kozlov
Idea – Sergey Sechen
Poems – Anna Glukhova
Saxophone solo – Raymund Kovalkov
Light, sound, photos – Konstantin Ostapenko

Marina Vasilieva
Raymund Kovalkov
Polina Teslenko
Svetlana Baranauskiene
Yulia Yeliseeva
Nikita Sadovskiy
Arina Bairon
Amalia Terekhovayte